German Hunt Terrier


About Jags


The German Hunt Terrier, or Jagdterrier, is a unique purebred newer to the United States.  These dogs originally come from Germany.  The breed was developed over 80 years ago by crossing the Original Old English Fox Terrier with the Black and Tan Hunting Terrier.

Personality & Traits  

These dogs have character.  They are extremely intelligent, loyal and eager to please. They are quick learners and very adaptive.  These dogs are both protectors and companions, driven and versatile.  Alert and courageous, no-one will go past these dogs unnoticed.  They have a profound nose, ability and desire to hunt.  Like most terriers, they investigate their surroundings.  You can not curb the natural abilities of these dogs; they are born and bred to hunt!

They are playful dogs and love kids.  They are bonded to their master and family. They are active, energetic dogs best matched with someone that can incorporate their uniqueness and many qualities.   They are also strong-willed and not for the first time dog owner.   

Without a doubt they are still one of the best dogs you will ever own!     

Size- Full grown these dogs are 15-22 lbs  

Color- Black and tan  

Coat- Rough, smooth or mixed, usually dense

Our Dogs;


  • Health checked by vet & come with a report card
  • Have received shots & heartworm preventative
  • De-wormed & fecal tested
  • Tails docked & dew claws removed 
  • All puppies are micro-chipped



  • American Kennel Club Foundation Stock
  • Jagdterrier of America Registry
  • United Kennel Club

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